“Mechanik” in Racibórz is a school with a long tradition. It’s one of the biggest schools in the Raciborz District which educates young people not only from our region. Our graduates are respected experts both in Poland and abroad. Most of them graduate from universities with degrees not only in Engineering but also in Humanities and Law.

The full name of the school is Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego “Mechanik”, it came into being in 2015 when the reorganization of all technical and vocational schools in Racibórz took place. There was a fusion of Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych and Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego.

Depending on the economic needs of our region the school broadens its educational curriculum so the graduates could succeed in the labour market both in Poland and abroad. Apart from the existing branches of learning in Technical School such as: mechanics technician, electronics technician, electricity technician, mechatronics technician, IT technician, data communications technician, there is a brand new specialization:  renewable energy equipment and systems technician. Vocational School prepares students for such professions as: locksmith, electrician, electromechanic, machine tool operator and car mechanic.

“Mechanik” has very well-equipped specialized knowledge labs and subject classrooms, a library with a wide collection of books, two gyms (one opened in September 2010) and a fitness center, a few computer labs with the Internet access and modern presentation equipment and a Multimedia Information Centre. All the labs are modernized regularly. The undoubted advantage is the wireless Internet connection in the entire school thanks to HotSpots.

Teachers with high qualifications and experience are employed in our school. Many of them completed postgraduate studies and three teachers have a PhD. Apart from full time teachers the teaching staff also consists of specialists from local companies. Moreover, the cooperation with local companies is a strong advantage of our school.

We create opportunities for our students to develop their interests. There is a variety of extra-curricular activities from subject clubs to short-wave transmission, photography and drama clubs. Our students successfully take part in various contests and competitions. In addition, we enable presentations of their projects and achievements to the local authorities. The best students are granted scholarships and awards, their active work for school and the environment is also appreciated. We give weaker students the opportunity to compensate for deficiencies.

Mechanik” is famous for conducting many projects funded by the European Union which results in additional qualifications gained by our students.

In difficult situations students can turn for help to our school counselors who try to prevent our students from addictions by engaging them in charity and volunteering.

We systematically cooperate with technical schools from Opava (the Czech Republic), Braunschweig and Mainz (Germany), also lately with a school in Nantes (France). Our students participate in student exchange programs and monthly trainings which is a great opportunity to learn a foreign language, as well as the culture and customs.

Our school is not only about learning. During breaks our students can listen to music thanks to the school radio relay centre. We also publish a school newsletter, and our hungry students can have a bite to eat in the school shop. We often organize meetings with interesting people. We offer our students opportunities to watch sport events, for example football, volleyball, hockey matches, as well as take part in bicycle rides or canoeing rallies.

Our school prides itself on its commitment to self-evaluation and continuous improvement.


Tłumaczenie: Elżbieta Gargulińska, Laura Burek